Your Health Your Way

Naruvi Hospitals offer patients with the highest quality healthcare aided by state-of-the-art medical technology available in the nation. The best equipment to facilitate quick and accurate diagnosis is supported by highly qualified specialists. 


To be the uncontested leader in healthcare, academics and research. To be the de facto leader in healthcare, research and academics


To realise our vision through honest, ethical and scientific practices for the ultimate benefit of the community. To accomplish our objectives through morally sound, ethical and scientific methods for the community's betterment.

Research and Academics

Naruvi Hospitals is introducing Diplomate of National Board (DNB) programs for clinical sciences and Ph. D. programmes, in the research field through its academic council. While, the exchange programmes with Henry Ford Health Systems, USA are designed to improve the training of laboratory specialists, nurses, and technical resource people.

Multidisciplinary Research Units

Clinical sciences and research is largely responsible for the evolution of medical science. Research provides a plethora of beneficial clinical practices. At Naruvi, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute our time, effort and resources to scientific research. In consequence, the MDRU is fully equipped with world-class research experts to pursue extensive research in the field of medicine.

Public Health Initiatives

The Public Health Department is established to fulfil the requirements of the local community, people who are deprived of advance diagnoses and treatments. The Naruvi Hospitals is strongly dedicated to meeting the requirements of the local community, who otherwise do not have access to such treatment facilities. The most advanced facilities for diagnosing and treating the most challenging conditions will be accessible at Naruvi.

HFHS Naruvi Tie Up

In addition to sharing resources in the development and day-to-day operations of the hospital, the collaboration between Henry Ford Health Systems and The Naruvi Hospitals also serves as a conduit for the "Transfer of Knowledge" between the two organisations. Creating the ideal scenario with the USA's advancements in technology and India's affluent supply of clinical data. Doctors, nurses, and other paramedical professionals will have the opportunity to work in the HFHS hospitals to develop their knowledge and expertise.

Driven By One Purpose

The illustrious group of specialists and doctors who have volunteered to lead our clinical and laboratory medicine departments is a source of honour for the Naruvi Group. These include individuals who have received their education, and employment, and thrived in environments that are ‘ethical, moral, and humane.’ Individuals who have left behind a legacy that is priceless, unbreakable, and unattainable. Naruvi Hospital continues to lay the foundation of world-class medical care, academics, teaching, research, and most importantly, ethical and moral practices, for many generations to come.

Our Facilities

Naruvi Hospitals are a destination for top-notch medical care. 

Our Operation Theatres

At Naruvi, we have the finest equipment for quick and accurate diagnosis, and the expertise and resources required to provide quality care.