Overseas travel for medical treatment?

Leave your worries at home. Come to Naruvi Hospitals.

Beyond just the absence of disease. Here at Naruvi Hospitals, we go the extra mile to soothe the aching mind.

Affliated to the Henry Ford Health System (Detroit, Michigan, US), Naruvi engages with people on a personal basis and offers care beyond medical needs, more crucially, our asistance in any way we can, particularly moral and logistical support.

At Naruvi Hospitals

Disease and ailments are a transient alternation in the routine. At Naruvi Hospitals, these issues are handled sensitvely to not leave a permanent scar on the minds of our patients.  We strive to ensure that all those who return, leave home with a happy heart. 

We are focused on our mission of instilling everyone who enters our institution with the Naruvi “Fragrance of Care.” We not only aspire for the highest healthcare in our attempts to remain exceptional; we also establish benchmarks for excellence in accordance with international best practises

How do I get a doctor’s opinion and cost estimate?

Kindly email us comprehensive medical records along with the results of previous test you done. 

Following examining the reports, our expert team of doctors will give you their guidance on the most probable course of treatment, the cost, and the length of time you will need to stay in the hospital after being discharged from hospital till you can finally return home. However, the final treatment strategy can only be decided following a thorough clinical and investigative evaluation at Naruvi Hospitals.

Visa process

As soon as their visit to Naruvi Hospitals is confirmed, we will send a VISA invitation letter, with a copy addressed to the patient, to the Indian Embassy or High Commission in your country. To begin this process, the following information is required:

  • Copies of each person’s passport, including those of any guests.
  • Tentative departure dates (inbound and outbound)

Patient’s accommodation while in India

The patient’s accommodations will be arranged at the hotel of their choice, in accordance with their communication with us before departure. Should the patient decide to be admitted immediately to the hospital, the necessary measures will be carried out to make room. The type of room they select will determine how many attendants are permitted in the hospital.

What happens after discharge?

The patient’s primary doctor will provide them with detailed instructions upon discharge. If they have undergone surgery, they might be advised to remain close to the hospital for a couple of extra days until their stitches are removed out or if they need close follow-up or wound dressings.

How does one follow up with their doctor after returning to their country?

The patient could have online consultations with their doctor at planned intervals or at their behest, should they need to contact their doctor in the interim.

How do one pay my bills?

A bank transfer of the quoted amount by NEFT at least a week before the patient’s arrival is our preferred mode of payment. Alternatively, they could make the payment on arrival or by International Credit Card. In case of a bank transfer, please send us the remittance receipt once the transfer is initiated.

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We are dedicated to serve you best medical services. We are dedicated to serve you best medical services.

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